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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

English Seaside Towns, Decorating Vintage Buckets, Workshops and a Load of Old Bamboo

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics

Beautiful morning
Its been a hot week.
Makes a change for the English Summer.

Nass and I have been sitting in our garden
 by the river here in Arundel
until late in the evening.
Glass of wine in hand. Of course.
Often with friends/neighbours dropping in to join us.

It makes a lovely change as our English evenings can become so damp and cold.
Sitting out in the evenings normall becomes a bit of an endurance test. Ha Ha

As we have several  regular readers from other parts of the world,
many in the US I thought I'd show you a few 
typical English seaside towns.

Then I must get on with work.
Much as I'd love to sit here and chat all day. LOL

Here is the lovely town of Rye in East Sussex...................

A lot of antique and vintage places to investigate.

sign of the times hey?

its very English..if you are visiting the UK it would be a great place to go

Worthing in West Sussex

You will see loads of these piers around the country in seasides.
Although sadly many now in a state of disrepair.
Most are Victorian.

This gorgeous building is The Dome. Still used partly as a cinema...its featured in a few films.

This is Brighton. 

The West Pier...sad hey? Originally destroyed by costs too much to repair and
over the years has just fallen apart more and more

Being so close to London it became a
 really popular place to visit  in
Edwardian and Victorian times.

Well, still is, what am I talking about.

and Eastbourne

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside......

So today...its on with the Victorian bamboo.
These antique tables were all made in around 1860.
Amazing hey?

We restore and decorate them.
Mostly they go to the US via the antique trade.

a few of our bamboo pieces and our chests of drawers have featured in magazines.

I'm also working on vintage buckets and bowls..watering cans...

we find vintage pieces of any description
and give them a bit of an uplift.

Tomorrow, I have a workshop with  just one person.
So they will manage to get loads done.
My undivided attention.

I think I enjoy them as much as they do.
So far....everyone that has been on a workshop has been delightful.
Interesting too.
If you would like to come on one just let me know.
Give me three or four dates that suit you.
I'll try and fit in around those.

Have a lovely day

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