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Monday, 7 October 2013

Arundel Weekend, Creative Writing Workshops, Kempton Antique Fair

Good Morning 
Arundel Eccentrics Antiques.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Arundel was busy.
 The weather warm. It was like summer most days.

It must be amazing to be up there in the clouds high over Arundel

We had a weekend event at our warehouse.
" Shop early for Christmas"

It was great.
An excuse to leaflet the town and tell people we are there.

Thanks to all our friends who came to support us.

It was lovely to meet some new people.

Some have lived in Arundel as long as we have.
We had never met before.

You tend to think Arundel is a small town.
Clearly not as small as we thought.

Our warehouse doesn't look much from the outside.

but step inside and you will be amazed at how large it is...................

and the eclectic collection of items we hold..............
 "Junk Journals " made by my chum Allie Bond

strictly speaking we are decorative antiques,
but this time of year we go wild and fill the place with gifts

Here are all the vintage boxes and bowls that I work on.
Some are painted and then decoupaged.
Some decorated with gilt.

watch out for our 
Tartan Chests of Drawers.

They are all 19th century chests and hand painted by an artist friend from Arundel.
She is making a fantastic job of them.

We are very excited about them.
Photos to follow very soon.

We are hoping they will be as popular as our
Victorian Bamboo.

Yep these are all sold.
On their way to a new life in the US

Kempton Antiques Fair.

Kempton tomorrow.
Have to rise at silly o'clock. 

So...its up at 4 am and heading for the m25.
I still can't quite believe I worked nights for 7 years.
Mind you, I was better at staying up all night then rising at daft o'clock. 

 Doors open 6.30 am.
Then its every man for himself LOL

Its more hectic than Ardingly.
Over and done with in a shorter time I suppose.

Well worth a visit.
I could  spend all day there going round and round.
You spot something different every time.

Creative Writing Workshops

Start again tonight.

If you live in or near Arundel and its something you would love to do, email me.
The journalist Peter Martin, who used to write for The Sunday Times, is our "Guvnor"
I can pass on your email to him.

We all so enjoyed our intro workshops.
The great news is........ he is letting us loose with our pens again.

He is also looking to start another beginners.
So if you are a budding author.
Or just want to learn a few tips.
This could be your answer.

Our group is an interesting and delightful bunch.
We have had some fantastic creative workshops have
 forged friendships that I feel sure will last for years. 

have a great day.

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