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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Arundel...A Walk in Arundel Park and our Decorative Antiques

                                                                        Hello from
Arundel Eccentrics Antiques

Hows life with you?

Arundel is grey at the moment as our lovely late summer turns to autumn.

Not cold.
Just dank and rainy.
It affects everything doesn't it?

We had the Arundel Food Festival on last week.
This was in the square over the weekend.

apple pressing.....I didn't get a chance to watch as I was in the warehouse for the day.

I noticed this beautiful chest in the window of
Antiquities Antiques down in Tarrant Street.
Its Italian ..probably mid 20th century.
Beautifully painted.

Stood admiring it for some time.

Belinda's Restaurant in Tarrant Street.

I'm sure the cafes must have been busy 
over the weekend as people dived in  to escape the deluge of rain.

Arundel walks

On Friday we had a planned visit from one of our US trade customers.
They are a delightful couple who have been coming to see me for many years.

Their favourite items are my decoupage vintage buckets.
So, I was manically painting and decorating buckets and
 enamel bowls for the two weeks leading up to them coming.

They were delighted, thankfully, with the work I had done.
Nass said he would open the shop, and suggested I take
 a break and clear off for the afternoon.

You don't have to tell me twice. ha ha

I dashed home for my camera....
and legged it along the river bank into town.

You might want to tag along and I'll show you one of the most beautiful walks in Arundel.
It's about 6 miles.

From Fitzalan Road  under the bridge you can clamber over the stile and head into town.
Just check whether the tide is in or out as it can get a little mushy sometimes.
Other times, you wouldn't  be able to walk there at all as the path is completely covered by the river.

I was lucky though had to tread carefully.

" hello out there"

Although the day was grey,thankfully, it wasn't raining or cold.

Once into town walk along Mill Road.
It's the road with the Post Office on the corner.

Arundel castle

Stay on the same side of the road
 you will wander past the mill stream
and all its wildlife.

There was a bit of an argument going on here.

At Swanbourne Lake
there is a cloakroom.
Where you can
" Freshen up"
but you DO need a 20 pence piece.

These three were loitering by the gate.
They clearly had no change.

Into Swanbourne Lake and my camera is usually overworked.

You may want to take a minute

sit on a bench......

.......and watch the world go by.

This dad really caught my , no, I don't mean like that.
 He spent some time with his son patiently feeding the ducks.
Then the little boy was in the backpack and they walked for miles up into the hills.

The little boy chattering and chortling on his dad's back.

Stay on the right side of Swanbourne lake

Over one stile up through the valley.

There is a fork ...take the right.

Stride up that hill and feel very self righteous.  I did. Ha ha

Towards the peak you will see a path on the right.
Dont worry if you are not quite certain which path,
as all will be revealed at the top.

You will see there is only one way through.
The gate has a double lock on it to keep the sheep in.

I sat for a few minutes....the views are so glorious.

You'll see the path go off to the left and then take you down the hill to the right.

Gorgeous Gorgeous Hey?

I have a friend who runs up here regularly.
Her words when I saw her one day at this spot?

" This place feeds my soul"

Oooooh I'm lovin' my new camera.
This was its first proper outing.

As you come down the hill you will see a house at the bottom
and then pass through gates guarded by these two.

Stay on the right and a little way down the lane you'll see this signpost..

If you feel you've had enough...or its getting dark, you could take the right turning and it will bring you down to The Black Rabbit Pub and civilisation again.

However, if you want to follow the Offham signs its well worth it.

Sussex flint walls everywhere....

Offham Bridge.
Turn right before the bridge.

Beautiful Sussex countryside all around.

Just keep following the path...alongside the river.
It's the River Arun, by the way, one of the fastest flowing in the country.

You'll have to clamber through a bit of undergrowth the last few feet.
Then you will spot The Black Rabbit Pub.

This is a really popular pub in Arundel.
Particularly with visitors or walkers.
They serve food all day.
It's a fantastic spot to sit outside on a summers day, or a warm evening.

I left the pub behind and walked back along Mill Road.
If you have time, you can meander back along 
the river bank from The Black Rabbit.
It's a beautiful walk into town that way.

I walked into town.
It was just getting dark.
I went  into
The White Hart.
 Its a lovely, friendly pub, 
affectionately known to
 Nass and his mates as
" The Office"

HE says a lot of networking goes on there.
Ha Ha Nass, is that what they call it?

A glass of Pinot Grigio never tasted so good.

Antiques at Arundel Eccentrics & Nass Interiors

Our website is a mess at the moment.
We are so busy restoring and decorating pieces we haven't managed to sort it out.
So here, for anyone who is interested are a  few of our latest pieces.

Our Tartan Chest of drawers is an hand painted 19th century chest.

When did vintage stools look that stylish??
Painted in tartan they look amazing.

Heres the link to more of our latest collection.
Measurements are in inches for our US friends.

Have a great day.

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