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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Antiques, Arundel & musings on New York & the Virginian Wedding.

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics Antiques.

Cold here in Arundel.
Crisp and clear.
I heard snow was on its way but who knows?

Arundel always look so beautiful in the snow.
Its a pretty town anyway, but once that snow flutters onto the castle, its quite magical.

Rare Brands Fair at Goodwood

My chum Allie and I went up to Goodwood
on Thursday for the
Rare Brands Fair.

Its the first time I've been.
Meant to go for years as people have told me I should exhibit there.
It's well publicised...on today if you are in the area.


I think it would be a difficult venue to lug furniture into ,
so Im not sure it would be right for us.
They had some fantastic things.
People come up with really original ideas.

Teddy Bears upcycled from your old school blazer?
Including all your head boy/girl badges and if you don't have
any of those 'cos you weren't good enough?
They will substitute with a 
" Bad Boy" or " Bad Girl"  badge just for you.
Ha ha great idea hey?

Anyway, the fair is cheap enough to get in but if you
 go to the website you can even run off a 2 for 1 ticket.

I THINK I found the perfect Christmas gift there, to send my son and his wife in the US.
Hee Hee.. I cant tell you though as my daughter
 in law occasionally dips in here
to see what we are up to.
I'm only telling you because it's worth
 a trip as they have the most unusual gifts.

Gorgeous Son

Saying about my son.
He lives in CA where he is a menswear designer.
Lives on Laguna...lucky guy.
Married to a lovely Virginian Gal who is also in fashion.
They recently went to NYC on business/ pleasure and took pictures
outside NY Fashion Week.
 Jay himself was  photographed
and can now be seen popping up in Fashion Magazines 
all over the world.

Yep..... there he is..... Anonymous Photographed in New York.

We went to their wedding in Virginia last September.
Oh my,
it was the most stylish wedding we had ever attended.
We found an antique cast iron British red post box for their Wedding  cards...sent it from the UK...weighs a ton.

Rosemont Manor in Virginia.

Jay designed his own suit...right down to the cufflinks that were old sixpences.

Jay and his groomsmen...they look like Mafioso ...ha ha

Jay and Nass...they are such great buddies

Oh yes...I had my say 

Mother and son dance...

wow what a time we had.

We spent some time in NYC with friends on our trip.
I would like to go back there as soon as we can.

Antique Collection

We have some great new items in our current Antique Collection.

This settle is HUGE and came from an old Norfolk pub
The Gentleman sign?
Great Western Railways

Antique server ...pine

lights made from old ten pin bowling pins

painted tartan chests

and vintage school stools painted in tartan.

We are finding some really unusual
 one off pieces at the moment.
If you want to see more please
 check out our website.

Arundel by Candlelight is very soon.
7th December.
We will have a large stand opposite the Swan Hotel.

We  have an evening on
Friday 29th November
at our warehouse behind Arundel Co-op.

have a great day

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