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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Victorian Bamboo

Arundel Eccentrics Antiques

English Victorian Bamboo.

Here are a couple of our 
English Victorian Bamboo pieces
Homes and Gardens Magazine. did they come to be in such a prestigious interiors magazine?

When this is how we found them............. may think, its just a tatty 
old table lying there in grannies shed
or down at the car boot sale.

You may think its from China, and it's pretty new.
Or maybe, that its old, but also from the orient.

Its a fascinating story and that table has 
been around a lot longer than you have.
Well....unless you happen to be about 150 years old, that is. 

The furniture was made circa 1860,
many of the factories were in London and Birmingham.
There were around 250 factories producing the pieces.

Its a great story and there are a few sites on line you can check it all out.

Gary Sharpe  now lives in 
Edmonton Canada,
though, for 20 years,
 used to be an antique dealer in the UK.

His site is full of interesting, interiors information,
and his knowledge on 
English Victorian Bamboo
is pretty extensive.
Worth checking out...ha ha, and no, he's not paying me 

Victorian Bamboo Table...with lions and leopards
this featured in Homes and Gardens magazine last September

Victorian Bamboo table....with chickens decoupage

Have a look on this link.
Wow... there is a massive list of all the factories and
loads of information.

Victorian Bamboo Table with Strawberries...English of course ha ha

We track down these sad and battered tables and bring them home.
They would probably have rattan on the table surface, or lacquer, or sometimes leather..

We clean them up, restore and sturdy them..........

Victorian Bamboo Table with Gilt and botanicals decoupage

and then we paint and decorate them....

if they are in pretty good shape we like to keep them original as well
Victorian Bamboo table with original lacquer

Victorian Bamboo table with shell decoupage
and we send them on their way....for another 100 years or more.........

some via some very posh shops in London...he he

Victorian Bamboo table with Fish decoupage

many go off to America to start new lives,
often appearing in some extremely upmarket stores.

Victorian Bamboo tables, chests and cabinets

Victorian Bamboo Table with chinoiserie ...we had my clever, artist,
 Aunty paint this, and it sits very well with original painted pieces. 

Victorian Bamboo Table with hunting scene. She painted this for us as also
Victorian Bamboo table....with butterflies decoupage

Victorian Bamboo table with leather

We were lucky to find a  bedroom set of almost perfect bamboo.

We just decorated the top ...the rest we left original

Victorian bamboo bookcase with fish decoupage.

 This is quite unusual...we don't often find such large bookcases.
English Victorian Bamboo Bookcase

So, I had better get myself down to the studio
and resuscitate some more of those sad tables.

Victorian Bamboo Cabinet

Dragonflies on  a Victorian Bamboo table

 All our latest bamboo is on our website

 Have a great day.