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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Arundel By Candlelight, Antiques and our lovely evening at the Warehouse

Good morning
Arundel Eccentrics Antiques

If you are one of our US readers, 
how was your Thanksgiving?

I hope that you had a happy day.
Or does it last for several days?
I've never been lucky 
enough to be in the States 
for Thanksgiving so its
 an unknown to me.

Maybe one day.

We had a great gift evening in our 
antiques warehouse on Friday.

We filled the warehouse with some gorgeous gifts.

these trays were a great old fruit crates

My friend Allie helped me set up the smalls.
Nass and the men had set up all the furniture.

It was like the lull before the storm. Ha ha
Arundel Christmas Cards.
I take the photos and have the cards printed locally.

My lovely chum Bridge
helped me with food.

The wine was bought...........

.........and at five on the 
dot the first guests arrived.....

and fortunately just kept arriving.........

Thank you so much to everyone
 who came along
and helped to make 
it such a fantastic evening.

I was thrilled.
We entertained loads of locals
 and also friends who had
 travelled a distance.

All my friends from the 
creative writing group I meet with....
they were out in force.

Some of the antique trade who
 knew we were there,
thought we only dealt
 in painted furniture.

So they were pleased 
to see the many other antique pieces we have.

as you can see.....we do a whole
 lot more than painted and decoupage work.

We welcome  trade buyers at any time.
Many of our regular trade buyers travel a long way,  time and time again, from the US.
Our trade prices are extremely competitive.

great idea for a lamp hey?


gorgeous chaise

Garden pieces

wooden stools

and when we do painted...

.....its not just a load of shabby chic.

It's a lot more interesting than that.....

Tartan Chest of Drawers

Vintage school lab stools given a new lease of life.

We find vintage bowls and buckets
and we paint and decorate with gilt and decoupage

If you are local and would like to come along to any future events just email us.

Victorian Chests of Drawers.

So now the evening has been done I need to concentrate 
on getting back to decoupage. 

These are our botanical Victorian Chests.

We source 19th century items of furniture.
Chests of Drawers, Bamboo, Screens.......
and we paint and decorate them in our own inimitable style............

We use all 19th century images

So,now with our evening done,
I have a pile of bamboo tables 
waiting to be worked on.

The next event will be
 next Saturday in Arundel.

Arundel by Candlelight.

The whole town will be buzzing.
If you've never been before,
you would be in for a surprise.

We will have a stand opposite the Swan Hotel
in Arundel High Street and will also be open all day in our warehouse.

Have a great Sunday

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