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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Arundel Walk Through the Park


It was cold in that warehouse today.
Hows your Sunday?

I had the most glorious walk in Arundel yesterday.
The sun was shining.
It was the most beautiful day...unlike today's gloom and chill

Someone enjoying the sunshine and the peace down by the  river.

not much football going on ...............

and no, this isn't Swanbourne lake

its the Crazy Golf park.............

Down at Swanbourne Lake you can take the right hand path and walk into Arundel Park

I walked  up into the park..catching the last of the late afternoon sunshine can look down over Arundel and the castle...right out to sea on a clear day....

Looking down the valley towards Amberley.....stunning views hey?

We had a few people round to the warehouse today,
but the town appeared quiet.

have a great rest of day

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