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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Painting Furniture & Pots, Baby Showers, Creative Writing Groups & Antique Decorative Furniture

Arundel Eccentrics Antiques

Audio Magazine for the Blind

I had a bit of good news yesterday.
One of the pieces I wrote at my
Creative Writing Group 
has been chosen to go on a
Audio magazine for the Blind

I have to go and record it myself which will be  first.
Exciting stuff. 

I am so enjoying the sessions.

It's become a tight knit  group and we can all
 see how everyone has come on in leaps.

Social too.
We have time for a break, 
glass or two of vino and nibbles.

It helps the, no really it does
tee hee

Tartan Chests and other stuff

Busy today in the studio.
Painting and varnishing chests of drawers.

.....................getting buckets and bowls prepared for decoupage

We have completely sold out of all the small items  I had worked on......

Here is a peek into our showroom at the moment.
We have some lovely pieces  coming in.................

Baby Showers

My lovely Jay and his wife live in the Laguna Hills California.

He is a menswear designer.

Thats him below caught on camera outside New York Fashion week  last year.

They are looking forward with excitement, to February  and their first baby.

Baby Shower this week.....Id love to go....apart from seeing Jay and Krista and all the US side of the extended family
it would be wonderful to escape the cold, damp English weather.

Ah day when I've sold enough of my decoupage work
 I might be flush enough to jump on a plane whenever the mood takes me.

Meanwhile ...have a fabulous time you guys

Have a Great Day

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