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Monday, 31 March 2014

Mothers Day and musings on Cali, France and gorgeous grand daughter.

Arundel Eccentrics 

Mothers Day

The town was busy yesterday.
Mothers Day.
Everyone was out having lunch.
Mothers, Grandmothers....all being treated.
The restaurants were filled to bursting.

Sadly my mother passed away a few years ago.
You never stop thinking of them though do you?

Recently, I was looking at some old photos
 of when she was young.
This was on Brighton Seafront.
Probably early 1950's.
I just love that suit.

Even now, when something happens the first thought?
" I must tell Mum that"

I was also thinking yesterday of mothers 
who had lost their children.
It must be a hard day for them.
We have friends who have and
someone we know locally came
 into the warehouse  yesterday.
He said his stepdaughter of 29 years old
 had passed away on Christmas Day from
 cancer and that the day was proving tough for them.

Thoughts go out to you .


My lovely son lives in California, so we chatted on the phone.

He is a menswear designer, married,
 with the most gorgeous wife 
and even more gorgeous
6 week old baby.

Let me introduce you to the lovely Everly.

They  experienced  a violent earthquake a few days ago.
Scared them a little.

We are hoping to get out to Laguna
 to see them later in the year.

Christmas in Cali sounds pretty good to me.
Well, apart from earthquakes.

That's Jay on the left, caught on camera, looking like a celeb.
"Anonymous, photographed in New York"
 outside the last NY fashion week.
Now he keeps turning up in fashion magazines.
Handsome boy.
Looking cool as a France on vacation.
We used to go to Annecy in the Alps a lot.

This was a little adventure park called Avenirland.
If  you love France and never been to Annecy 
check these out.
It's the most beautiful town.

I used to love taking black and white photos in the area.
I haven't been down for a few years, 
but I hear they
 now have the most wonderful antiques fair.


It was my turn to do the warehouse yesterday
 and as it was such a good day
I took every, bucket, box and bowl out into the sunshine.
Brought out a plinth to put them on and took my pictures.

 We find vintage buckets, boxes and bowls and paint and decorate them with decoupage.

If you want to see the full collection, with prices and sizes and other details, please go to....

Buckets, bowls etc

I found all these antique postcards in a Paris fleamarket a few years ago.
It's always wonderful when you have writing in the back.
Many are early 1900's some even earlier.
Scribbled notes to lovers.
Beautiful writing to Grand mere for her birthday.
Messages to friends to arrange a rendezvous.

What became of them all I wonder?

Flea market.

We are going to organise a flea market round at the warehouses during the Arundel Festival.

If you've never been to Arundel, that's a great time to visit.

Go to this site for more details of the festival 

There are always
fantastic events

You will find brochures around the town in most shops.
If you've never experienced the now famous
Arundel festival......
our wonderful town  puts on a party
that last for 10 days every summer

Do you see now how I came to call the business "Arundel Eccentrics"? LOL

Streets are pedestrianised.
There are people everywhere....
            All pouring into town to enjoy the excitement of the most wonderful week

Its seems that every taste is catered for.............

completely bonkers isn't it?

Have a good day

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