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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Being on The Hoarde. Arundel & Antiques and Vintage around the town.

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics Antiques

The Hoarde

We are thrilled to say we are now on The Hoarde 

If you've never seen it, have a peruse. 'sure you will love it.

Loads of interesting and unusual antique and vintage sites and venues.

 It has been great for us with more traffic and interest in what we do. 

Thanks to those who organise the site, 

and for making it such a smooth and swift transition.

You have probably found your way here
 as you like antiques and vintage pieces.
If you are trade and would like to see what we do
here's our web address
 just email to arrange a time if you'd like to visit

Here's a piece about antiques and vintage in our area

Antiques and Interiors in Arundel.

Looking for antiques or interior pieces? Something interesting  for your home.
Maybe a cheap and cheerful battered bargain to paint and up cycle  with your own individual style.
Or a beautiful investment decorative item that you can put immediately in  pride of place.
Your taste in interiors could be traditional or it might be contemporary. Possibly  even bordering on the wacky. Alternatively you might  just want to browse and see what catches your eye and suits your wallet.

Arundel with its diverse collection of individual  shops ,warehouses  and car boots, could hold the answer. Lets start with the latter. If you have never driven down to Ford airfield bleary eyed at 7.30 on a Thursday or Saturday morning you've missed a treat.  The car boot  starts early . Sellers queue and snooze  in cars and vans from around 3am.  Some come for miles as Ford Car Boot is renowned for being  the best in the area. 
Vendors even  travel from France and Holland.

You COULD saunter down later in the morning  after a leisurely breakfast.  But you would miss the buzz. Trade and private buyers alike, dashing to  peer into the backs of unloading vans and cars.  The deal often clinched before the item has even seen the light of day. You'll  possibly walk back to your car clutching a real gem of a bargain. But if you haven't found that perfect item ,there are local flower  and book sellers, bread stalls and coffee stands to help you cope with disappointment.
And there's always next week.

Back in Arundel itself  and  down Tarrant Street you will find Antiquities, Vintage Maison, Gasnier and Daughters and Nineveh House. 
A myriad of antique and vintage items of furniture or small collectables.
If its art you are after look no further than the 
Zimmer Stewart gallery 
 or  Arundel Art Room.
While you wander,  do look beyond the main streets,
 for Arundel holds so many  hidden gems.

Go inside the arcade in Tarrant Street and 
check out the Walking Stick Shop with its many antique canes. 
If you are looking for an antique picture restorer  you'll find one in Tarrant Street.
Further along Tarrant Street, you will find
Dinky Donkey Delights.
Zoe Newhouse is a friend, we nursed together a few years ago.
She and her family run the shop between them
 and they have painted and decorated items.

Keep and eye on the empty shop on 
Tarrant Street and corner of Arun Street.
We have another friend opening there very soon with antiques.

Arundel being the small place that it is, our friend
was proudly showing my husband Nass around his new shop.

Someone spotted Nass in there and 
within hours it was around the town
 that we were taking it. ha ha

In Arundel High Street , 
there is the Old Print Shop, 
Spencer Swaffer Antiques, 
Scandinavian Collectables,
  Bridge Antique Centre and 
Arundel Antiques  Warehouse..........Phew

Maybe stop at the vintage style cafe, Lula Mae for sustenance.
Or the Tudor Rose  and afterwards peruse the area in
 their basement displaying antique and vintage small items.

Venture over the bridge and down the little alley next to William Hill. Turn left at the end and you will find the only remaining buildings of the 19th century Arundel Swallow Brewery. 
This is where we have our large warehouse/ showroom.

Relatively untouched, the three large brewery warehouses are  now home to decorative antique and interiors showrooms in the quirkiest of settings. 
 French Loft, Harmony Trading, 
Arundel Eccentrics and Nass Interiors 
all trade from what is fast becoming  a snoopers paradise.

You will need to drive to The Vinery at Poling  just outside Arundel. It's one of the areas best  kept antique shopping secrets and well worth investigating.
The site was for many years a mushroom farm. 
Now the long tunnels are home to antique dealers and restorers. 
There is even a shipper should you want to send antiques to far flung  destinations.
Most are open in the week and Saturday morning, 
but be aware the gates are closed Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

There are antique and interiors traders working from all manner of places. 
Check out the farm shop at  Crossbush just up the road from Arundel and you will find as well as  their  free range organic meat, vintage items stacked up just outside the front door. If its antique mirrors you want, 
you might want to contact Clealls Antiques  at Lyminster 
who work by appointment  from their lovely home.

For details of  antiques and interiors venues and their opening times go to ;


Arundel is a stunning place to live and work.
Steeped in history.
Full of interesting and sometimes eccentric characters.
Hence our name ha ha

Anyway, here is a little glimpse and I'll tell you more about it,
with maybe a few behind the scenes snippets another day.

I have a studio full of Victorian bamboo crying out to be cleaned.

affectionately known as The Office 

Our latest collection.

We have some great pieces in at present.
Heres a quick glimpse.

19th century pine dough bin

If you are interested to see more
 and want to check out sizes and prices
heres the link


Have a wonderful day.

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