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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

60 Minute Makeover, New Collection, Hastings...English Seaside Towns...Dance The Night Away for Charity and our beautiful grand daughter

Hello from 
Arundel Eccentrics Antiques

It's been a  while.
Apologies to regular readers.
We have had a hectic couple of months.

So where to start?

Lets start with filming 60 Minute Makeover last week

Exciting day.

The ITV programme 60 minute makeover
 asked us to go and upcycle an item of furniture in Epsom.
They were filming for the day, giving a makeover to a house.

I asked my friend Allie to come as moral support and backup,
 as I knew it would be hard to get the piece finished in one day.

This was the piece.

We were given a space in a neighbours garden to work.
The entire road was awash with vans. 
People speaking into microphone everywhere you looked.

The lovely Martyn Lawrence Bullard
the interior designer on the programme

Organised chaos.

We just got on with it and I was filmed
 beginning, middle and the finished item.

I panicked when they first called.
How to lose a stone and have the hair cut in about 3 days.

The hair I could do...the stone in weight, 
.......well just had to resign myself to looking porky on camera. 

Peter Andre, the presenter.

We had a great day.
Managed to get the piece finished.

Allie taking a well earned break

Mr. Andre

New Collections

We've been working on some new pieces.
Black and gold/ red and gold
architectural and classical images......
Vintage and antique boxes given a new look
This is an old deed box

Within one hour all those boxes had sold.
Now heading for a new life in the US.

We are currently painting and decorating more. phew....

Arundel Life

We love our little house in Arundel.
It sits near the river.
The garden is long and narrow and the river bank is at the end.

our old blind cat still loves to sit in the sun....21 next month.
Fortunately our friend next door is a vet, so keeps an eye on Bella for us.

We often sit in our lovely garden with  glass of wine and
slowly one or two neighbours join us.
It's a very sociable road.

We keep saying we must stop drinking.

We would have to move.....nothing else for it. LOL

An antique swan that Nass bought from an antique shop in the town a few years ago.

English Seaside Towns


I had a wonderful day out with old friends in Hastings.
It had some really unspoiled areas.

Our gorgeous granddaughter

That we just cannot wait to see.
Jay lives in the US where he is a menswear designer.
He and his lovely wife Krista are in California

We haven't been able to get over to see the new addition.
We so hope it wont be too long.
Isnt she gorgeous?

new brochures

I've been working on our new brochures that are at last out.

Dance the Night Away

Nass and I are organising a charity evening which 
we hope will be a night of 'fun and frivolity' 
at Arundel Football Club on Saturday 19th July.

Dance The Night Away...yep dance 'til your shoes sing... or drop off  To Vintage a three piece rock and roll band playing 1950's and 60's music

An auction...including 4 Tickets for 
Michael McIntyre at the 02 with VIP Lounge
 access And a pair of VIP Wembley Tickets
 for Sunday 10th August 
Art works....
Decorated furniture

If you would like to come along, tickets are available
 from our website or 
at our warehouse behind the Co-op 10.4 Fri Sat Sun.

Supper is included

All proceeds to raise money for a new wheelchair
 for a local MS sufferer The Chestnut Tree Hospice and The Brain Tumour Charity.

If you would be happy to help in any way....either to donate a prize/ auction piece...could be a item . a service, such as painting/ cleaning  etc etc
Or if you fancy getting involved in helping with the buffet supper.
Likewise if you are a local catering company
 and could oblige for a good price please do let us know.

Just get back to me ...any help gratefully received.

If you could pass this on to friends you think
 would be interested...or put a snippet on your FB page...that would be marvellous.

It promises to be a great night.