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Friday, 19 September 2014

Arundel walks and people, a little bit of tartan & current antique pieces.

Arundel Eccentrics Antiques

" Mornin' Mouse"

The gorgeous cat next door
 who lies in the middle of the road
sunning himself.

Gives a supercilious look
when cars beep their horns.
If he had fingers he would wave. know what I mean.

 Arundel Cottages
 Hiorne Tower in Arundel Park

mist over the River Arun

Hope life treats you well.

Well an historic day here in the UK.
Scotland had the big vote yesterday
 and the answer this morning is no.

My lovely chum in Arundel,
 Becca, has her own tartan.

Here's her front door.
She got into a bit of strife
 with the local council over this.

We all think its beautiful.
They had a problem with it.

Our mutual friend who painted it, Amy,
  painted chests of drawers in tartan for us.
(Actually, it was her who made
the astounding birthday cake
for the surprise party couple weeks ago)

It weighed a ton,
most of it chocolate LOL

Thats the cake, not the chest.

She made a great job of these.

That's the amazing thing about Arundel,
 there are so many talented lovely people,
who turn their hands to all sorts of things.

With Amy Fathers, not only does she paint
and make the most extraordinary cakes,
she is also a paper sculptor.

Have a look at these incredible pieces.

And no, she is not paying me commission. LOL

Arundel Walks

Here's a walk around Arundel
and a  peek at some of our latest pieces.

Up over the hills.
So calm

down to Swanbourne lake

The roots of the trees are like sculptures......

I love this old hut by the water, with all the names carved it it.

The family of swans in Mill Road

Arundel Castle

back home....note to self
" Get those windows cleaned"

Latest Stock items

We source vintage and antique
boxes, bowls and buckets and give them a new lease of life.
They go to some pretty posh places
as waste paper bins etc.

Beach houses in the US
have our pieces for sandy flip flops etc.

here is a coal scuttle...but you could equally use it for umbrellas......

Victorian Bamboo tables are our speciality.

If you see one like this anywhere in the world...its my work.
No-one else does them like this.

Here's a link to all the details
 of these and other current items.

I'm afraid time is going too fast these days
 and the website needs updating.

We are also on the Hoarde.
Do you know it?

If you like antiques you will love the site.
It's packed with  dealers in antique and vintage,
here in the UK.

Have a good day

maybe give us a like on FB
when you are next there.
Arundel Eccentrics FB

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