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Monday, 3 November 2014

Ardingly Antiques Fair, Arundel by Candlelight, Paint Workshops and old friends.

Good Morning from
Arundel Eccentrics Antiques

Ardingly Antiques Fair

Is tomorrow and Wednesday. 
If you've never been it's well worth a visit. 
The first day costs £20 the second only £5.
Personally I would always try
to go on the first day.
It's buzzier.
There are more stalls on Tuesday
 as many traders only
do the first day.

You get all types of people there LOL

Occasionally you might spot one of the antique programmes being filmed.
Or a fashion photo shoot.

Be prepared for all weather.

If you are watching the pennies, 
or your weight,
or you are veggie...

You might want to take some lunch,
there are loads of food places
but they aren't cheap.
If you want healthy, you will pass out
 with hunger before you find 
a decent snack. LOL

Have a great day.

Paint workshops

Workshops are going well and Ive enjoyed the
 company of everyone who has come along
over the past 2 years.

This was a recent one.

We have some interesting fun moments.

Three great friends came along together and had a fun day out.

I had a lovely day with an old and dear friend, 
who came on a day's workshop last week.

Trudy and I have been friends for so many years,
I've now lost count.

We met when we were heavily involved
in Friends of the Earth in Worthing.
She had a green 2cv and I had a bright yellow one.

We went everywhere together with dogs and children piled into those two cars.

It's funny hey, how life  weaves you in and out of friendships.
This is  sometimes due to the miles between, or life itself.
Facebook has certainly help to bridge that gap
over the past few years hasn't it?

We had a fantastic day.
Managed to cover crackle glaze, craquelure, gilding, as well as paint and wax etc etc.

Trudy had done some painting anyway.
She is also  pretty spectacular at calligraphy. 
One of the things that brought us together.
We went on a workshop to West Dean College in the early days.

Many years later I returned Vegetarian Chef.

I only dabbled in the writing.
Trudy did a degree in calligraphy and worked for many years in heraldry.
She knows her stuff.

So we gild an old piece of board with Dutch metal.
" Can we paint over it Bren?"

Let's do it.
She ran over it with some chalk paint, 
nonchalantly picked up a wide screwdriver
and wrote in calligraphic letters.
It was like a work of art.
So...although computers have taken over with fonts and scripts
there is nothing to compare with the personal touch.

Trudy now lives in France.
I cant wait to visit her in Brittany.

If you want to come along on a paint and decoration workshop
just email us.


Date for the diary, Arundel By Candelight.
Saturday 6th December.

One of the busiest days in Arundel for the entire year.
Its fantastic.
We will have a small stand opposite the Eagle Pub in Tarrant Street.

 Arundel walks

Still trying to walk most days.
Lost a stone and a half so far.
Walking and Slimming World.

Arundel looks beautiful whatever the weather.

funny the things you see up in the hills...LOL

Have a great day
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