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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Talented & Beautiful Arundel, House and Garden Magazine and boxes and bowls get a new look.

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics


Many of our USA readers have asked about Arundel.

So here are one or two aspects
of life in one of the most stunning towns in the south of England.

Arundel is a picturesque small country town in Sussex.

For more of whats on in Arundel this month
go to

Forty nine miles from London, it boasts a beautiful castle and cathedral
dominating the skyline, a history that dates back to Roman times
and an interesting population of around 3,500.

and a fair bit of wildlife.......

As well as being beautiful its incredibly friendly.

It doesn't take long getting to know people here
and it can take you an hour to pop into town for a bottle of milk.
You pass so many people you know, along the way.

Walking anywhere in Arundel is a joy....

If you ever come to Arundel its worth getting a map
of some of the walks.
Arundel Park is stunning.

as is the riverbank....If you wanted to spend a leisurely afternoon
you can meander along the
 riverbank from the back of the car park in Mill Road
to the Black Rabbit Pub.

Then if you walk back into town along the road,
you could stop off at Swanbourne Lake and feed the ducks,

or have a cuppa at

or visit the Wildfowl Trust

Suffice it to say,
its an inspirational place to be.

The town attracts many artists, writers and musicians.

The Arundel Gallery Trail
happens every year at the end of August
throughout the
 Arundel Festival.

Ten days of mayhem and jollity LOL

some of our friends enjoying street entertainers in Tarrant Street

Years ago, on one of the first Arundel Gallery trails,
 I exhibited photographs
 from my home in Tarrant Street.

There were about thirty artists exhibiting that year.
The interesting thing was..... they ALL lived in the town.

The trail will be in its 27th year this year.
There will be around 100 artists exhibiting.

Here a just a few of the artists who live in Arundel

Christopher Baker
is one
 of our neighbours.

Andy Waite
Karin Moorhouse
Many artists exhibit
 both nationally and internationally.

Bill was my tutor
when I studied photography as a mature student
at Northbrook College
His landscapes are second to none.

The Arundel Gallery Trail site will
 give you all the information you need,

We have authors, playwrights..........

Simon Brett the author lives locally

 OK  he lives just outside Arundel,
 but let's not split hairs.

Bill Brennan has lived in the town for many years and
is artistic director of
Drip Action Theatre.

Refried Books

Another Arundel friend
Rita Godfrey has for some time been
 collecting old cookery and gardening books.

As a result,
Refried Books was born

From her passion of old recipe books
and the fascination with the pencilled notes of
generations of cooks within,
the idea for her own book evolved.

Recipes From An Unknown Kitchen

While looking for some links to give you on Rita,
I found this wonderful blog, who featured her work.

The blog itself  fascinating.
I dare not look too much at the moment.
I'm doing Slimming World LOL

 Arundel............ local musicians.......

Screamin Lez and the Mindbenders are a local
band that have a massive following.

the young girls are all wild
 about Harry. LOL

This week in Arundel
The Eagle Pub, Tarrant Street
14th January
Most Wednesdays from 8pm.οΎ 


House and Garden Magazine

My excitement of the week was an email from
House and Garden magazine 
to ask me if I would supply 
a bespoke
chest of drawers for a photo shoot this week.

Bit of a rush job, but I'm happy at that.
It's worth it for the publicity it sends our way.

They were to supply me with wallpaper
to decorate a chest with.
The shoot is all about
wallpapers and fabrics, and different ways to use them.

That's all I'm saying,
Ill wait until the article comes out.
As soon as I know which month it will be Ill post it.

Heres the chest before any work......

I thought it might mean a night duty,
but we are on track to get  finished.

Boxes, Buckets etc.

Been upcycling this week.

Deed boxes
painted and decorated.......

Galvanised metal bowls and containers....

all vintage.....

all given a new persona.....

and a new job to do.....

When you think
they start out like this...

Which is perfectly ok
if you want an old bucket......

I rest my case LOL

Have a great day

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