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Monday, 23 February 2015

The Lacquer Chest Kensington, Arundel Walks, Latest Antique Pieces and Slimming World

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics

After a beautiful start to yesterday we had the most dreadful afternoon 
And evening.

At least I was out before then.
The frost looked so beautiful as I looked across the road to the field of horses.
I picked up my camera threw on my walking shoes and dashed out the door before it could melt.

Busy in Arundel park already.
Well, I say busy...its hardly rush hour LOL

wondered what the story is here?
This swan stands looking across the road for hours.
Is it nesting time yet? I know they nest over the road.
Wheres the spouse I wonder as they are a pair usually.
I do hope nothings happened to the other half.

I was open in the warehouse and as the rain tipped  down, the day became quieter.
Had some delightful people through the door though.

We are off the beaten track.
Not far.
But enough that people have to seek us out.
They are always pleased when they do find us.
Heres some of our latest pieces.

French bedsides that we paint and decorate

19th century Pig bench.
Fellow don't want to know.................

Loads of new folks to the town, that find us. 
Because they explore, I suppose.

About a year ago, we joined The Hoarde.
If you like antiques you'll love looking at this site.

Many of the dealers work like us.
Off the High Street.
Some would be more difficult to find than we are.
They trade from homes, warehouses, farm buildings.........

Stansted Garden Show

We've booked to stall out at Stansted garden Show 5-7 June.
Ever been?

I had a stand there a few years ago.
It's a fantastic event.
Set in the grounds of  the beautiful Stansted House.

I'll be there with a couple of friends.
We are sharing the stall, so I think it will be fun.
Makes it easier when you've other people with you.
Hard on your own, taking comfort breaks etc.
Mind you the other stall holders are generally friendly and helpful.

We will be in the Home and Garden Marquee.
Come and say hello if you visit the show.

They are talking of running a show here in Arundel.
I'll let you know if it materialises.

The Lacquer Chest...Kensington

There's a wonderful antique shop in Kensington, London, that always reminds me of 
Charles Dickens
The Old Curiosity Shop.

The higgedy piggedy staircase.
The rooms in the beautiful old building, are on many floors.

Gretchen Anderson and her husband Viv ran the wonderful shop for many years together.
Sadly he passed away a couple of years ago.
I only met him a few times.

Nass knew him well and played tennis with him regularly.

The shop belonged to grandparents originally.
Viv and Gretchen began trading in the 1950's,

Some years ago Gretchen realised there was a great demand for props hire in the London area.
It quickly became their speciality.
As a result the shop is stacked to the brim with all sorts of fantastic antique items.

You will often see credits in books such as Jamie Oliver, for 
The Lacquer Chest.

There are rooms full of French pots.....

 French Garden Chairs
 watering cans and cutlery

everything all beautifully displayed....

Hats are displayed on the higgedy piggedy staircase.

French china, English china

Beautiful old samplers

Even their website is gorgeous.
Here's the description by them

Established in 1951. 
An enchanting London antique shop with
 a unique collection of props for hire
 by stylists in film, television and photography.

The Lacquer Chest
75 Kensington Church Street

London W8 4BG UK

Shop tel: 44 (0)20 7937 1306
Shop fax: 44 (0)20 7376 0223
Prop hire tel: 44 (0)20 7938 2070

Slimming World

Going ok.
Two more pounds off last week.
Just over two stone now.

More and more people are joining the Arundel Slimming World Group.
The queue for weighing is  almost out the door some weeks.

There really is something to be said for the support of groups.
I tried to lose the weight on my own, but floundered miserably.

It's not only that...... the Slimming World way of eating is so easy to follow.

Oh! by the way Iceland have just brought out a whole range of Slimming World meals.
The great thing is the recipe is on the box, so you can cook it yourself.

I haven't tried them yet but they were raving about them at the group on Saturday.

Still walking most days..trying for 10,000 steps.
Once a week do a longer walk...around 7 miles.

I ought to join an excercise class as well but times a bit tight with the business.
They run Zumba at the Cathedral Centre in London Road.
That's the next thing I need to do.

Meanwhile Bren,
 just get on with the work LOL.

Have a great day