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Monday, 30 March 2015

Antiques at The Old Brewery Warehouses, Walking and Kempton Antiques Fair

Arundel Eccentrics Antiques
The Old Brewery Antiques Warehouses

To start with
Congratulations to James Stewart of
Zimmer Stewart Gallery
who is to be our new mayor.

I'm sure he will make a fantastic job of it 
as he's already so heavily involved in the town.

Secondly, the latest rumour going around town
is that Jamie Oliver is opening here.

Who knows?

We had a busy weekend at the shop.

The Old Brewery Antiques Warehouses
 are buzzing with activity at the moment.
We have two friends moving in with us.

The great thing is they  have different ideas, knowledge and pieces.

So it will make it all the more interesting for customers to wander round.

This is old fairground piece.

Lisa busy painting her spot.

The warehouse is looking really beautiful at the moment.
Nass is a great displayer.

French wallpaper roller made into a lamp.

There are three warehouses in a row
down at The Old Brewery.

Along the row at French Loft Antiques
another Paul has just moved in.
He has the most beautiful French pieces.

We are planning an open day early May.
I'll post the date and details as soon as I know them.

Went over to Shoreham last week.
It's just along the coast from Brighton.

I sat with my sister in a pub garden and we watched the world go by.
Loads of house boats on the river.
Must be an interesting lifestyle.


I'm still walking every day.
Usually 4-5 miles.
Now lost 30lbs which I'm really thrilled about.
Walking and Slimming World are my new best friends.
Clothes I thought I would never wear again have been pulled out of the closet.

The app on my phone gives a loud Tah Dah when I've reached 10,000 steps.

 Signs of Spring everywhere.

Arundel is such a beautiful place to walk.

 Even on wet gloomy day.........
 by the way Dr. Who was filmed up here...many years ago mind you....

Decoupage pieces

By the way, 
we worked on a chest of drawers for
House and Garden Magazine.
It will be out any day now.....

I cant post it until its out as the piece I am told is central to the shoot.
Exciting stuff.

Kempton antiques fair tomorrow.
Always exciting, although I'm rubbish
 at getting out of bed at silly o'clock.

Funny, as I worked nights for 7 years
 and coped with that admirably.

Well........when I say coped...I always looked haggard LOL

Anyway, It's well worth getting up for.

Have a great day.

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