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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Ford Car Boot, Pierre the Rugby Fan and painted Victorian Chests.

Saturday mornings, bleary eyed and still half asleep
we drive half a mile along the road to Ford car boot sale.

The stall holders look even more red eyed.
Many of them have sat in line since 2am.
Dozing in cars and vans they cannot gain entry until about 7 am.

When the weather is good the place is packed.
Yesterday dawned warm and sunny so the old airfield was buzzing.

Ford was used from 1918, throughout the Second World War, until 1980.

(Tangmere is another local well known airfield, just outside Chichester.)

Founded in 1917, Tangmere was an RAF station and American Airforce training ground.
The famous wartime pilot Douglas Bader flew from here.
There's  an aviation museum there now.

But anyway, I digress........ back to Ford.

The car boot has grown huge over the past few years.
Buyers as well sellers travel miles.
At certain times of the year you'll find French, Dutch and Belgium vendors.

Trade customers come down from London, and Oxford.
A few of our own US clients love to go when they are visiting Arundel.

It's on Thursdays as well. Now at the Sunday market they also have a few car boot stands.

Nass, my husband goes there most weeks.
If he hasn't left the house by 7.30, he says it's not worth going.
I often feign sleep, hee hee.

Yesterday we had arranged to meet friends at Ford and then go for breakfast in Partners cafe back in Arundel. It was buzzing at the car boot.

We found a few good things to buy.
Always stop for coffee. Essential.

Met up with several familiar faces.

Hired the trolley to heave it all back to the van.

Then back for a much needed
 breakfast at Partners Cafe in Arundel High Street with our friends.

Then a wander round the farmers market that takes place every 3rd Saturday of every month.

I had a walk down to Swanbourne lake, which all looked a bit grey by then.............

Signs of Spring in the woods......

Fungi growing on a tree stump
Like a work of art hey?

and up into the park......

and back to work.....
Victorian bamboo and chests to work on.

Rugby Fans at The White Hart

Are not impressed with my lovely husband.
I can't imagine why.

The White Hart is known affectionately to the regulars as The Office.

When England rugby team played Ireland
 Nass went in for a pint introducing himself as Paddy O Nass.
When they played Scotland, he was Mc Nass


When it was England v France?

Let me introduce you to Pierre LOL

Zeut Alors!

Clever Aunty

We have a lovely little Victorian Chest in the shop.
Hand painted by my lovely, clever aunt.

lovely hey?

Have  a great day.

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