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Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Hoarde, Battersea Decorative Fair & Our Write Up in Antiques Trade Gazette, and a Cat Called Mouse

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics

The Hoarde

We have all our latest pieces on The Hoarde.

They have just revamped their website and it really looks stunning.
If you like antiques, The Hoarde and their sister site Decorative Collective are the places to look.
A huge collection of antique dealers all in one, well two, places.

From vintage up to the highest level.

and while I think about high levels of stylishness........

21st-26th April is Battersea Decorative fair

 These were all taken at Battersea.
See what I mean?
Very stylish n'est pas?

Still walking

 Still enjoying a walk most days either by Arundel river or up through Arundel Park.

Look what I saw when I was out walking the other day.
Triplets !
8 month old goats

A Cat Called Mouse

Our neighbours have just returned from their amazing holiday in Mexico.
While they were away we looked after their beloved cat.
It was great for us as we lost our 21 year old cat last September.

Mouse is a real character, known and loved by the entire street.

Sits in the middle of the road sunning himself.
Sneaking into peoples houses. 
You might occasionally find him reclining on your duvet.

We were meant to just feed him.....

but he kind of moved in.....

We sent pictures of him on his holidays to them in Mexico.....

When they came back he sneaked back in.
One morning sunning himself for half an hour
on our windowsill in the lounge.

Nass said it was hilarious, when he saw his "Mum" take the kids to school,
he quickly jumped down and sat where she couldn't see him.
As soon as he heard the car drive off he was back getting those rays.

Antiques Trade Gazette

We had a great write up in Antiques Trade Gazette this week.

Ok isnt it?
I know any publicity is good publicity.
 Sometimes you cringe when you read what you either said,
 or more importantly the way what
 you actually said was interpreted.

You see?
There are actually real benefits to not being famous.

By the way, my gorgeous son was unknown
 to him, photographed outside
New York Fashion Week.

He's a menswear designer.
Stylish of course.
But he was pretty surprised when
 he found himself in this fashion magazine.
That's him on the left.

My Gorgeous Jay.

This was the photo they put in a write up
for BBC Homes and Antiques magazine.

I was pleased with the write up,
although cringed a tad.

Soon after a woman phoned up.

Imagine if you will a very upper crust English accent.

"Air, hair, lair. I was just reading this
 article about you in 
Homes and Antiques magazine."
"Oh yes?"
"Dahling, wonderful, all about your lovely work."
"Thank you." I was preening a little by now.

"Dahling can I ask you,"
long pause.

"Yes, Yes?"

"Where did you buy that fantastic sweater?"

Ha ha
Pride comes...........

Have a great day.

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