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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Paint and Decorate Furniture Workshops & Decoupage, decoupage, decoupage.

We will be off to Stansted Garden Show on Fri Sat Sun 
Come and say hello if you are there.

Ill post   photos next week about the event.

We had a lovely visit to deliver a sold bamboo sewing box
to a couple in Hassocks near Brighton, the other day.

They said they had been following my work for a long time.

" Oh yes we've seen it in Liberty in London." said one.

"Oh and in Brighton in a shop window Bond Street." added the other.

and so it went on.

"and in all the magazines."

"and on the TV."

I tell you, I barely was able to get back out the door my head grew so large.

Here's our latest details on paint workshops and all dates. 

full day workshop

and this is the shorter intro day

and for those wanting to go one step further

If any of my chums on FB are good enough to share the link 
of this post,
we will gladly give them and 2 friends
 10% off  for a workshop day.

It makes a fantastic day out.
Especially on the long day. vino.....wonderful

Here's what we do.

We have a large antiques warehouse in Arundel.
Deal a lot with the trade, particularly the US antique trade.

If you are trade and  ever in our neck of the woods
do drop by and see what we do.

Email or call us first as we are often out buying or restoring.

We have a very large collection of decorative antiques,
but my side of the business is the decoupage.

Antique and vintage items that I paint and decorate using 19th century images.

been doing it for 20 years.......

so hopefully by now I know what I'm doing LOL

probably our most popular and fish...

and our Victorian bamboo....

we decorated this chest especially for House and Garden Magazine
 these have been sold by Liberty in London

 they are gilt and then decoupage

vintage French bedsides all given a lift.....

I look quite inebriated here  LOL

and yes, it is.....a MASSIVE amount of work

but I love it...wouldn't do it else.....

Come and visit...or dip into our website.
If you like our blog please give it a share.

Have a great day.

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