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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Stansted Garden Show & Paint Furniture Workshops

Stansted Garden Show

Has certainly grown bigger and better in the last few years.
It's been going for twenty years.
The footfall must be colossal over the three days.

We took a stand this year in the Garden and Home Marquee.

The setting up began on Thursday of last week.
Loading the van.
Nass is brilliant at packing.

Sixteen years working for a top antique dealer in Arundel pays off.
Every little space in that van was used.

Then it was off to Stansted, which is a beautiful stately
 home and garden in the countryside north of Chichester.

We shared the stand with a lovely friend
"Margot & Mooch"
who has pieces in our warehouse/showroom.
She had one end of the large stand area.
Husband and wife  team took the other end.
I was in the middle with all my decoupage pieces.

It took a few hours to lug everything
 into the marquee and display.
Tiring too.
But....we were all excited.

During a break in the setting up a couple of us
wandered down to the gardens and we bought
 tea for everyone at the Orangery Restaurant. 

Beautiful setting.
Lovely small chapel and walled gardens.

The three days were sunny and mostly warm, which everyone at the show were thankful for.

The organisation of the event appeared slick and seemed to run smoothly.
No doubt the organiser team had their headaches, but on the surface it appeared perfect.

My dear friend Sarah came for one day and ended up staying for three.
She enjoyed herself so much.
We loved having her, both at home and certainly at the fair .....she was one of our top sellers. LOL

The stalls were really varied.
Of course there were many flower and plant stands, but loads of other things to look at.
Hats and jewellery, furniture and antique and vintage knick knacks.
Food to test and take home.

Pims, of course,  to sip in the English afternoon sunshine.
Well, in the morning if you wanted to...what the heck.

The lovely Dawn to entertain.

Wood oven pizza to die for.
The queues were long.

It took about twenty minutes to get ours.
But Oh...OH...OHHH.
Was it worth it for that little slice of heaven!

Annie Sloan paints were  in the next marquee.
Annie herself was there on Friday.
They were running paint demonstrations throughout the whole three days.

That was great for us.

When the really enthusiastic painters came into our marquee clutching bags stuffed full of Annie Sloan products, they were intrigued to see the decoupage and gilt.
Enquired where we were and about our decoupage workshops.

After the three days of course there's the packing up.
Nass had run the shop while we were at Stansted.
He then came back and we all loaded what was left.
We had all done pretty well.

Sold a lot, but more importantly TOLD everyone where we were.
What we did.
That we ran paint and decorating furniture workshops.
That we were part of three large antique warehouses, hidden away in a salubrious part of Arundel. LOL
Behind the Co-op, and William Hill, oh and the chippie!
The last remaining warehouses of the 19th century brewery.
The  Swallow Brewery. 

A fantastic few days.
We arrived back in Arundel and all raised a large glass of Pimms in our riverside cottage garden.

Thanks to the Garden Show organisers.
Think we may see you again next year.
We will have recovered enough by then.

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