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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Arundel Festival and a little Mangetout

Arundel Festival thus far.

Last Saturday was glorious.
The sun shone and people poured into the town.

The cafes were full.

The trails, both gallery and theatre
were busy.

Sunday morning wasn't so good.
Once it brightened though...

 you get the picture.......

large plant crossing....

The week days for  gallery trail
 round at our warehouses
 were quieter than anticipated .

The weather dank and miserable.

People did come round.

Dashing in to see us
 between the showers.

Today  we had a tombola
The Chestnut Tree House,
a local children's hospice.

Many local friends and
 Arundel businesses had 
donated items.

We had over 100.

Loads of people came to support it.

this friend was determined to win
something from
"Fanny Adams"
a lovely clothes shop in Tarrant Street.

Kim the owner had given us a scarf and handbag.

Sam bought several tickets.

Her daughter came along and bought tickets.
No she didn't win it.

Her son happened by and bought a couple of tickets.
Out of the entire 100 winning items.
He won his mum the bag.
She was ecstatic.

So much so, she sent a tray of chips to
hand out to all the audience
gathered listening to the music.

Win Win

Our lovely friends came to play
"French Cafe music"

They have  played outside
 our warehouse many times.

While they were playing a couple
 of my old friends came along.
Trudy and David live in Brittany, France.

What a wonderful surprise.
It was great to see them
Looked like we organised the music specially.

A little dancing to while away the afternoon.....

Half way through the afternoon Jenny our
 resident artist went to make us all a cup of tea.

At the same time three women sat
 down and were listening to the music.

"Could we have coffee and cake please?
And are you serving wine?"

"I'm so sorry," I told the woman who enquired,

"We are not serving coffee. I WILL however,
 see if we have enough cups to make you one."

The woman looked a little annoyed.
One might even say grumpy.

"But it says so in the programme."

"Well......."I said. 
"We DID serve coffee and cakes
 last year, but we haven't said
 we would do this time."

"But it says so in the programme."
She was insistent.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes it definitely says
"French Cafe Music with Mangetout."

"Madam." I smiled nacely
"That's the name of the band."

Have a great day.


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