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Friday, 21 August 2015

Arundel Festival, Arundel town, Antiques Warehouse and Anniversaries.

So......the flags are all up.
The stage is set in the gardens down by the river.
The art is displayed in the Galłery Trail venues and wine for the private views is on chill.
Extra food and drink ordered in by the cafes and restaurants.
The 10K runners have trained.

Ever been to Arundel?

Now's a good time.
Its the most beautiful town.....

Tomorrow the festival starts for another ten days.
Fun....organised mayhem.LOL

Music theatre .....dancing in Tarrant Street....fireworks....

When Arundel parties it really does party.
Thousands of guests pour into town.

"ello Mr and Mrs North"

It takes the organisers the best part of a year to prepare but it's always worth it.

Here's a taste of the days to come.

Around behind the Co op the three antiques warehouses will be open every day.

Nass and I look always forward to the festival.
It brings hundreds of people to our door.
Mostly they are in festival mood and it's always great fun.

We have Jenny Lock the artist exhibiting with us again this year.
Its her fifth year in our venue.

We DID think of having a private view, but realised we wouldn't 
have enough room for too many guests.

Our warehouse is stacked full .

Floor to ceiling decorative antique and vintage pieces.

We have events planned throughout rest of the year.

French butchers block, made in Paris 19th century

If you want to be informed and go on our  list for personal invitations just let us know.
I don't want to mention Christmas in August.....but now Ive said it LOL
we plan to have a great Christmas  evening.

Meanwhile here's a taste of our latest pieces.

Nass and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this week.
Married fourteen years.
We were together for ten before that.

Like to have a nice long engagement. LOL

When I met my lovely, slightly bonkers, husband 
He was my son Jays sports teacher at Slindon College.

Jay was mortified.
Well at 13 you would be wouldn't you?
He begged me not to let his mates know.

Once he got used to the idea he and Nass got along pretty well. much as any teenager would.Ha ha
Nass encouraged Jay to really train the last year at school.

Jay won all his sports events that summer.

Nass and I were like chalk and cheese.
So much so they ran a book on us in the college and the Newburgh pub.
The most they gave us was six months.
So we haven't done bad lasting 24 years 
dancing with his lovely daughter in law

And although he might tell you he would have got less for murder......
He doesn't really mean it

Does he???.

Have a great day and a fantastic Arundel Festival

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