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Saturday, 4 June 2016

An English Summer and The Old Brewery Antiques Warehouses

An English Summer

For any of our overseas readers you may find the thoughts of an English Summer, idyllic.

The main drawback to a perfect English summers day is without doubt, our weather.

It CAN either slightly mar or totally ruin an event that organisers have spent months preparing for.
A fete, a wedding, a garden show.......

Having said that we are so used to downpours and grey skies we mostly manage to shrug it off.

Bury Summer fete is one of my most favourite real English summer events.....

When I was out walking one day in Arundel park, there was a girl, who lives on one of the local farms, heading off to her wedding.

She looked so beautiful as she clambered into a tractor beside her father.

Wearing the most fabulous wedding dress and black Wellington Boots, the rain hammering down.

She smiled at her father as they head off. No downpour was going to dampen her day. I did have my camera on me, but felt the moment so personal I just couldn't bring myself to shoot it.

Actually, regretted that ever since .

Heres a Sussex Wedding that was gorgeous...and I was able to click away with my camera all day long.

Friends of ours from a little Sussex village near Arundel

Gorgeous hey?

Another very English event......

 Stansted Garden Show coming up.

10th to the 12th of June.
We stalled out last year.
Would have loved to have done so this year but we just have too much on.
If you've never been's well worth a visit 

Here's a snippet of last year's show........

It's fun.............. but hard work to have a stall.
Nass taking a break from setting up

If you like the vintage look.
Join me for a wander around the
Love Lane Vintage Petworth Fair from last year

Love Lane Vintage is a family run business.

Their fairs are beautiful.
Like walking works of art.

Every attention to detail taken care of.

Linens and vintage fabrics as far as the eye can see.......

Our stand

That really was the perfect Summers Day.....

The Old Brewery Antiques Warehouses

Hidden away behind Arundel Co-op.
People are still finding us even though we have been there
for almost 10 years.

Down the little alley, or twitten as we say in the south, next to William Hill.
Turn left at the end.

Sharp left again.
Three large warehouses that were one the warehouses of the 19th century Swallow Brewery.

First you will come across French Loft
Run by Rowland Leach the warehouse in huge.
On two floors.

they have the most beautiful French decorative antique furniture

Next door is Steve Lawrence at Harmony Antiques

Steve has some really interesting English and French pieces.

You'll find all Harmony Antiques latest pieces on The Hoarde!/q=__dealer=harmony-

Then there is us at Arundel Eccentrics

a husband and wife team,
Nass and Brenda
we also have a collection of  English and French decorative antiques
in the Liberty store in London

You find all details of opening times on each respective website.
Trade welcome anytime.

Just call.

Have a great day.

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