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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Madehurst Big Night Out

Madehurst Big Night Out

On the outskirts of Arundel there is a small village called Madehurst.

Nass, my husband used to play cricket against the village.

A few years ago on that prettiest of pitches they started Madehurst Big Night Out.
Not the place you'd expect it.
I had never been.
Kept meaning to.
Just never got around to buying tickets.

A friend had a couple of spare this year and invited me along.

I'm so glad we went.
On a balmy summers evening it was just perfect.

It had the same atmosphere of the wonderful evenings we used to spend in the Arundel Festival.
Up in the castle grounds they had many tribute band nights.
They don't do them any more.
Not sure why.

Here's a few snaps from last night.

 I had great fun strolling around with my camera

ran into a few friends......

 picnics/ tents/wine/and a sense of fun

 people of all ages having the most wonderful time

Madness Tribute Band

ha ha this guys just wanted his picture taken.....

Yep must remember to get tickets next year.

Few of the pieces in our antiques warehouse

Hidden behind Arundel Co-op are three large antiques warehouses
We are in one of them

You will also find us on the 4th floor of Liberty in London

 all our latest items are on The Hoarde

have a great day

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