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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Arundel Festival 10K and my Amazing Husband

Yes he did it!

 Nass ran in honour of two people

Rowan the son of 
 dear friends who died of a brain tumour.
So we will
be sending money to The Brain Tumour Charity.

 and Catie Ross a little American
girl who has been in and out of hospital since birth.
Both causes touched his heart and he wanted to do something positive.

 Thanks Andrea for running alongside

Not that I ever doubted he would do it
 ...but it worried me the
 MS leg spasms might cause him problems
 when he was well over the Arundel hills.

a moment of spasm meant they had to walk part of the way
up one of the hills
to Hiorne Tower

I did half joke that I would pop up in places along the way.

"You might need mouth to mouth

"If I do, find a young blond."

 Yep no change there!

 and here they come!

 Thank you so much Andrea for running alongside to keep an eye.

 Thanks also for all the friends who have sponsored 
and all those who turned out to cheer him on.

Anyone still wanting to sponsor can do so.

Either in cash if you
 pop into our warehouse,
or online

Here are the links
Catie Ross Gorgeous Girl

The Brain Tumour Charity

Brain Tumour Charity

Loads more photos of the 10 K on our FB page

Would you give us a great big fat
like while you are there?

have a great day.

(More pictures of the festival over next couple of days)