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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Desert sunsets...Two Weeks in Iran

Would we like to go into the desert and watch the sunset?
Would we???
Oh yes.
we jumped at it.

Just outside of Yazd city we drove out on to the deserted desert roads.

Down some pretty scary tracks.
On the way we noticed the occasional  four wheel drive vehicle heading the same way.

We had heard it was on the tourist agenda, so assumed it to be for tourists.

Sliding down a steep dune, we arrived at the oasis.
We stood for a moment. 
No one spoke.
It was stunning.
And peaceful.

That was not to last.

There were about 12 four wheel drives in a line.

No tourists though.
Just one man at the wheel of each.
There were motor bikes too.

Before I could ask why, a couple of the cars set off at manic speed up the hills.

There were families that, like us, had come to see the oasis and the sunset.
Many ran screaming up the sand dunes.

We heard that people had been killed by the thrill seekers, as they are known.
Not intentionally.

But they roar up the dunes and when they tip over the top, there have been families having picnics on the other side.
The men cannot see them until they go over the top.

By then it's too late.

Hearing all this made us nervous.

We kept as far away from the vehicles as possible.

The sunset when it came was beautiful.

Leaving, we kept looking back over our shoulders.
It was beautiful.
We headed off to a meeting point where we were to link up with others from the family.

Still hot....
welcome ice creams were bought at a garage in the middle of no where.

All seems like a long time ago now...
Back to work
Here's the warehouse