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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Education Elsa

Last November we fell in love with Elsa. 

We hadn't intended to. 
It just sort of happened.
A friends dog had puppies.

"Lets just go and look." said Nass, " Have a cup of tea. Catch up."
Yeah right.

 And as soon as possible we brought her home to Arundel. 

She has settled well and is a fantastic companion with a lovely temperament. 

We adore her.Our customers adore her.

The other day a new customer came into the shop. 
Elsa plays with her brother on West Wittering beach

She had just moved to Arundel.

As well as being delightful, it turns out she is a dog trainer.
Has her own training school in Wimbledon and is about to set something up here in Arundel.

Her website is

and FB page…

I had been meaning to go to puppy training classes.
With the business and other things I hadnt quite got round to it.

So to book an hour with Nikki in our own home was the perfect answer.
We ran into Elsa's sister Winnie in Arundel Park

Nikki emailed me a form to fill in.
It gave Nass and I, (& Elsa of course,) chance to think over the main areas we wanted to work on.

So what were they?

  • Recall. She was reasonably good at coming back from day 1.....Most of the time....but not all. Particularly problematical was the end of a walk.  Getting her back on the lead. Or when she was playing.
  •  We wanted to work on getting her lying down and staying, for say, if we were in a pub
  • Jumping up.
  • Grabbing the lead.

Nikki arrived bang on time.
She was a pleasure to have around.
Important in your own home.
Elsa responded immediately to her.

After a five minute chat we got on with things.

Within the first few minutes we had learnt a fantastic method for getting her back.
First we practised in our small kitchen and then went down the garden.
Nass at one end and me at the other.
(Our garden is 100 foot long, by the way.)

We were thrilled and amazed when she came every time.
Its been invaluable.

I've practised when I have been up in Arundel park, when Elsa is a long way away.
WOW worked every time.

Jumping up.... Nikki showed us how ignore Elsa.
Then praise her when she stopped jumping.

The hour went quickly, but we managed to really pack it in.
Nass and I will book another session and plan to concentrate on lead walking.

Nikki's website is

Sussex Walks

I try to walk most days. 

For the past couple of years it'smostly been up in Arundel park, or along the river bank.

The great thing about now having Elsa is its pushing
 me to revisit walks in Sussex I haven't done for many years.

Yesterday we went up to Slindon.

Slindon is a small beautiful village on the outskirts of Arundel.
Obviously doesnt look quite like this at the moment.

one of the most gorgeous weddings we've been to was in Slindon

Slindon College

My son Jay was at school there.
Nass had lived there. 
He taught PE at Slindon college for many years so it means a lot to all three of us.

I used to drop Jay at school and walk my Afghan through the woods and over the hills.

Now Elsa and I do the same walks.

Keeping Puppy Safe

Today we went to Climping beach.

The  idyllic walk was shattered though.
Right at the last moment.

The dog below ran towards us.
Elsa as she normally does, greeted him and lay down submissively.
No problem.

But then the other large dog with the same owner hurtled towards us.
Elsa must have known.
It was unlike her as she tried to hide behind my legs.
The dog pinned her down and was snarling a snapping at her face.

It was terrifying.
I screamed hysterically.
The wind was blowing the wrong way for the owner to hear me.

Eventually he heard and came and grabbed the dog. question is to someone out there who must know.

What do you do in that situation?
How can you keep your dog safe?

It's making me really nervous.
Elsa? After the initial trembling she was dashing about as if nothing had happened.

But looked to me when other dogs came our way.

I should have given the owner Nikki's details!

Her website is
and FB page…


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