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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Drew Pritchard in Arundel Today and a Plethora of Eateries.

Good Morning from Arundel Eccentrics.

Firstly, watch out for Drew Pritchard filming in Arundel today.

I gather they are round at our warehouses at the moment.

Here are a few of our latest antique pieces

you will find all our latest stock on 

I am busy gilding this week

Turning vintage enamel scruffy bowls like this

into this

It's a huge amount of work but worth it

and of course, I do have my support staff.

Now 6 months old.

Secondly eateries......

Visiting Arundel, or maybe live here and fancy eating out?

How to make your mind up 

Heres a few suggested by Trip Advisor.

I noticed we have a new eatery here in Arundel, where once an antique shop stood.
It got me thinking about just how many other cafes and restaurants we have here.

So, I set off to locate them all.

Nearest to our antiques warehouse there is Gaskyns.

A family-run restaurant that also sells wholefoods.
They have the most fabulous seeded bread, by the way.

Next door is the White Hart.
Affectionately known in our house and The Office.
As it's frequented regularly by Nass, my husband.
He says a lot of networking goes on there re business, but I have to say, I have my doubts.

Over the road is Trawlers the fish and chip shop.

Sit by the river at The Edible Sandwich

the Waterside Cafe

If you wanted to go further down the river there is The Black Rabbit at the end of Mill Road.
A lovely meandering walk along the river first before lunch?

Car parking and plenty of outside tables, plus a lovely view towards Arundel and the castle.

On the way, you would pass the Pitch and Putt which is open from the Spring.
They have a small cafe area.

Then there's Swanbourne Lake.
Sit outside on a sunny day and watch the wildlife on the lake.
Or take a walk right around the lake and finish with a cuppa.

Or visit The Wetland Centre, also on Mill Road where they have a lovely restaurant.


back in town....there's cafes a plenty.....

Arundel House next door
where they also have available rooms to stay over after an evening in Arundel.

Lula Maes next door

Immensely popular this Curry House.

Plenty of room if there's a large party of you.
Nice grub too.

If you wanted a picnic..pop into Pallant

 Lloyds Bank closed in Arundel and is now a burger bar

Partners Cafe has always been one of our favourites.
Nass slinks off there occasionally on a Sunday morning for a full English breakfast, after golf.

What we up to so far?
Fifteen I think.

The Swan is at the bottom of Arundel High Street.
Pub, hotel and restaurant..

Pizza Express almost next door.

the new kid on the block.
Just opened

Bagels and Coffee
Address37 High St, Arundel BN18 9AG
Open ⋅ Closes 6PM

One of our absolute favourites.
Pappardelles has been in Arundel since 1988.
Upstairs, you would be forgiven for thinking you were actually in Italy,
the Italian ambience is so good.

It's been a part of our lives.
Down to Valentines surprises to being served in the middle of Arundel High Street.

and downstairs is their Osteria

This cafe has just changed hands...for many years it was Grounds, now with new ownership its gone more to a tea room with a traditional. edge.

They also have tea rooms in Midhurst

Still with me?

Next door there is the Red Lion.
Busy friendly pub with a good sized garden out the back.

over the road is the Bakers Dozen
Pasty, pies and sandwiches.

 Mott and Bailey is a popular place (especially with our friends who love tapas)
Saturday evenings
but you need to book with that...they are always busy.

 The Norfolk is headed for a total revamp I hear.

The Norfolk Tap Bar has just opened.

Craft beer and coffee shop.

La Campania on the corner of Tarrant Street

This was for many years our museum building.
It was totally revamped by Prezzo.
Sadly I think this is one of the Prezzos about to be axed.

It will be interesting to see who goes in here.
There has been much speculation on FB as to what people would like to see.
Thai restaurant has come up high.
I would love to see something like a Bills, so we also get a good vegetarian menu.

But....of course, it could stand empty for a while.
It all depends on who has the funds for what I am pretty sure is a very hefty rent.

China Palace is a rather lovely ...well, you get the picture, it's in the name.

The Town House is right next door
Small intimate, lovely food.

If you fancy waffles and ice cream
Heres the parlour for you

Ahh Belindas.

been in Arundel for years
It's the p[lace all my US friends love to go.
A 16th-century building by the way.

Tarrant Street Espresso next door
Lovely coffee..small and friendly

Then theres the Bay Tree right next door to him...
Lovely ambiance and food
small patio out back for when the sun shines.

The newly revamped and transformed Butlers.

They have done a remarkable job on the building and decor and the food is lovely.

Outside eating available.

This was Berties for the past 5 years and is now under new ownership as Juniper.
Nice story attached to this as they were customers who loved going to the little cafe.
When Jenny and Russell heard Dean had decided to sell they decided to take the plunge themselves.

Good Luck with it all guys.

This is a great favourite with locals.
The Parsons Table.

Slightly hidden away in Tarrant Street, it's well worth seeking out.

Pop into Larkins in tarrant Street.

The Eagle.
great home cooked food and well known for it's live music.

at the top of the gorgeous shop that is Sparks Yard you will find The Loft.

If you fancy a takeway

you are allowed to then eat this in The Kings Arms next door...well providing you buy drinks of course.

 Kings Arms

There were just two I didn't quite get around to snapping on my camera

St. Marys Gate Inn up by Arundel Cathedral on London Road

and The White Swan on the A27 

Did I forget anyone?
I hope not

Phew...thats some list.
I lost count after 40.

Many of these restaurants, pubs and cafes are in the most
beautiful historical buildings so worth checking out.

Have a great day

Give us a like on FB when you're passing would you?