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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Arundel ....A Country Haven

It’s not only the castle dominating the skyline that makes Arundel so special. 

Nor the cathedral that towers majestically over houses built by Napoleonic prisoners of war. 

Or the river that meanders through. 

It’s not the many gorgeous shops, restaurants or pubs. 

Or the walks that lead you mile after mile into places with the most spectacular of views.

Found this lovely old book in a junk shop

Where you can sit on hilltops far from the madding crowd and just catch your breath.

It isn’t the history that dates back to Roman times or the streets that feel like a film set.

(Notice the drummers Westie dog to the left.....A party in the Old Jailhouse High Street)

Or the locals, many of whom are artistic, musical or just nicely eccentric.

It’s not the Festival with it's10 dizzy days of art, music and fun. 

Or the serene setting for boating, wildlife, and picnics, that is Swanbourne Lake. 

It isn’t only the Wildfowl Trust, Arundel Museum, swimming lido, ghost and walking tours and music in the old jailhouse.

Or sitting by the river outside the Black Rabbit on a balmy summers night.

It’s that whole package and much more besides. 

Arundel is unique. 

For more about the town, its people, many attractions and history go to:

and do take a look at this beautiful video.

A pair of Arundel Eccentrics

We have lived in the town for 30 years.  

Just cannot imagine being anywhere else.

With Nass, my husband, I run an antiques business in a large warehouse behind Arundel Co-op. 
The 19th-century building was once part of the Arundel Swallow Brewery
and is now the perfect quirky backdrop for our English and French decorative antiques.

(By the way, we can also be found on the 4th floor of the Liberty store in London)

We live in a Victorian cottage at the other end of the same road as the warehouse, with our lovely puppy Elsa.

A field of horses to the front.

The River Arun flowing at the bottom of our 100 foot back garden.

The studio where we restore all our bamboo, boxes, bowls and chests of drawers looks down our very English garden.

Heres a few of the antiques we have in our warehouse,
hidden behind Arundel Co-op.

For more details of stock follow the link to our site on The Hoarde

To keep up with our latest news go to

Have a great day.
As for us, my little friend and I will be out marching
 over the English countryside before we start work.