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Monday, 4 June 2018

Dinner At Amberley Castle & Other Stuff

For our wedding anniversary, last August,
 my son Jay and his wife Krista sent us a voucher for Amberley Castle.

They live in California and had searched for the perfect gift and
 found the historic hotel and restaurant online.

a gorgeous couple..and yes they are in the fashion business

It's on our doorstep.
Just 10 minutes away.
The voucher was for a 7-course taster meal.

Why on earth we hadn't got around to using it until 9 months later I will never know.
So on Friday evening we put on posh togs and went to be pampered.

I had been to Amberley Castle very briefly, many many years ago.
For an interview.
I was more worried about the outfit, the CV, and the nauseous feeling in my stomach than looking at the beautiful building.
I didn't get the job by the way.
Can't even remember what it was for.
I'm pretty sure I quickly got over the misery of disappointment.

So, Friday......

We left the taxi and strolled up to the gates as the white peacock came out to greet us.

I left Nass in a small lounge waiting for the drinks and canapes to arrive.
He was perusing the massive wine list.
"You ok without your specs?"
"Of course I am," he sounded irritable, as he held the leather-bound tome at arm's length.

I knew he couldn't read it properly without them.

I couldn't wait any longer and raced around the grounds to take a few photos.

The place took my breath away.
Absolutely stunning.

I received a text from Nass, "COME BACK!!!"
He wondered where I had disappeared to.

It would be dark when we left, so I wanted to take as much in before the meal as I could.

Nass hadn't ordered the celebratory two bottles, he thought didn't look too expensive.

He noticed, in the nick of time, squinting at the small print as the waiter approached for the order, the prices he was looking at weren't bottle prices.

They were by the glass.

The evening was lovely.
Staff were attentive.
We were told in passing, snippets of history.
The oldest part of the place was built in the year 1100

The 7 courses were, every single one, amazing.
Beautifully presented.
And with the kind of scintillating flavours that make you roll or close your eyes in foodie ecstasy.

Here's the link to Amberley Castles website.

They have afternoon teas which I'm planning to take the Yanks to when they all come in August.
Of course, they are not billed as posh teas.
But I'm sure they will be.

My American daughter in law and her mum will just love it.
The ambience.
The age and history of the place.

They do weddings there by the way.
I'm sure they don't come cheap.
But then where does, and oh, it would be the fairytale wedding of your dreams.

After our wonderful evening.
It was down to earth and back to work on Saturday.

We have seen many of our US trade customers over the past few weeks.
Many of them like our decoupage pieces so I have been madly working on bamboo and chests of drawers.

Nass has also been finding some lovely French pieces.
One of our lovely French contacts delivered on Bank Holiday Monday.
We suggested he set up and we have a little brocante behind the Co-op.

Heres a few of our latest pieces.

If you are a trade buyer and would like to visit please do contact us.
Our prices are really competitive and we are happy to open at any time.

Image may contain: indoor
a friend just bought these fabulous lights from us
1960's out of the Rolls Royce Factory
We have a few more left but they are going fast.
Image may contain: table and indoor
This is the photo he sent us all set up in his lovely Arundel home.

Have a great day

As for me,
before I return to the studio
the lovely Elsa ( now 8 months)
 and I will take to the Arundel hills for our walk.

taking a short break