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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

A Very English Afternoon

Well, two very English afternoons, actually.

There are some wonderful, classic summer fetes in our area in July.

I have a good friend, who used to live in Arundel.
She has lived in the US for many years.
But a piece of her heart is still with us here in Sussex.
She and her American husband return most summers.

When we can, her and I trawl the fetes and charity shops.
As we did all those years ago when she lived here.

Haven't managed to do that this year with our Elsa having been so poorly.

But I did manage to pop into both of these.

Binsted Strawberry Fair was last Sunday.

Strawberry and cream teas...

and the ubiquitous Pimms......

It's grown over the past few years.

Binsted is a small village just outside Arundel.

Stunningly pretty and with a history dating back to Roman times.

Some interesting more recent history, too.
 Binsted's links to Laurie Lee and Lucian Freud

One of the main attractions are the plants for sale.
Donated by the local Binsted Herbs.
They are beautiful and sooo cheap that people jostle a bit to get in the gate first.

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Not jostling, I don't mean.....

my chum Allie helping with the Pimms

On Saturday I popped into Bury Church Fete.
One of my favourites.

It was a gloriously sunny afternoon

the clothes stall is always hectic
lots of designer labels in there, and cheap too.

Beautiful setting.

It's held at Dorset House School.

Petworth Town Brass Band always play

Just the sort of TLC I needed after a stressful few weeks.

Have a great day

A sample of the current collection in our warehouse in Arundel.
Hidden down a little alley, you will find THREE large antique warehouses.
Arundel Eccentrics is the last in the row.
Last,but by no means, least.

Few of our latest pieces.