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Saturday, 2 February 2019

Frosty Walks, Shop Closures, and Congratulations Catherine Rowe.

It's been a while since I've blogged.

We've been busy.

In November we won a local award.
Arun Business Partnership Award
Best Small Business up to 5 employees.

Not bad for people that are hidden away from the main street.

If I look surprised ......I really was.

Since then we've working on bamboo and chests of drawers.
But also been getting out and about for new stock.

First I'll be typically English and discuss the weather.

It's cold, yes.
But we've had it easy in
 comparison to many parts of the UK.

Elsa and I walk every day.
This is one of my favourites.

You don't get to see too many people.
Some days, no one.

 I count myself as a reasonably sociable person.
I like meeting people and chatting.

But sometimes, it really is wonderful to get away from everything, isn't it?

You can do this walk from Arundel, but we drive to Warningcamp then across to Burpham.

 The castle is always somewhere in the background.

We get to see the most dramatic skies.

not that Elsa takes much notice of that.

Just glorious.

Sets me up for the day.

The plants and fences all had icicles on them. It was so beautiful.

We are so very lucky to live in beautiful Arundel.

While I was at Burpham I noticed they have the date for their summer fete.
It's a wonderful afternoon out.
I usually walk across the fields.

In my excitement, I load up with bargain plants,
 books and second-hand hand clothes,
forgetting I have to walk 5 km back.

The Showroom

Here's a  look inside the warehouse/showroom at the moment.

Those lights are just fabulous. 1960's from the Rolls Royce Factory.

these are vintage enamel buckets that we paint and decorate

We've just had a delivery of 19th-century French chairs.
Occasionally we get them upholstered, but often we sell them as is.
Let the customer choose their own fabric.

this poor French chair looks like it's been through it!
Lovely shape though and sturdy.

Heres a sample of what we do and an idea of pricing.

If you're trade, just email us and we will give you the trade price.

and if you're tidying up a la Marie Kondo

These are really a stylish way to store.

They are 1940's French tambours or filing cabinets.
Doors that slide up and down.
Shelves that are moveable.
So you can store jumpers/shoes/ papers.

My hairdressers in Arundel bought one to store all their products.

I should follow my own advice and clear my own house.

Shops Closing

I found this so sad.
The largest department store in Chichester closing down.

Been there since 1941.......

Everywhere was deserted......
 just one or two rooms where the remaining bargains were all put together

sign of the times.

Some of our favourite Arundel places have also recently closed.

We are all really sad to see them go.
 a lovely restaurant in Tarrant Street
The Bay Tree

and the fabulous
Sparks Yard

on a happier note,

HUGE congratulations to Catherine Rowe
 who worked at Sparks but who is also a designer.

She produces the most beautiful work and now not surprisingly

won the Liberty Open Call
 for a new iconic Liberty fabric design in 2018.

 The winning design will be launched in-store May 2019.

Well done Catherine what fabulous news.

Have a great weekend