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Sunday, 17 May 2020

Upcycling & Walking Helping To Survive Lockdown

Walking The Dog.

It's what's kept us going these past few months.

Not just the walking though.
It's Elsa's antics and joie de vivre that's kept us entertained.


(All the sweeter as when she was a few months old, we almost lost her.
A grass seed went into her leg...and migrated to her spine.
She was paralysed for a while.
The vet wasn't sure she would pull through the operation.)


It's kept us from screaming.
Both at the world and each other.

We are incredibly lucky living where we do.

Arundel is a picturesque town on the south coast of England.
It has a history that dates back to Roman times.

The small market town boasts among its attributes,
 a castle, a cathedral, and a river meandering through.

If you want to see more about Arundel follow the link below.

(Ignore the part about the festival start, 
it's a post from a while back.
Clearly, there won't be a festival anytime soon.
It's sad as its the high spot of the Arundel year.)

The countryside is breathtaking.

We have the most beautiful walks
 in the surrounding area.

 Throughout lockdown, 
 I've been exploring more paths on our doorstep.

If you love the English countryside
you might like to take a look.

There is a lovely walk from Arundel to the small village of Binsted.
When I first started the business I rented a workshop on a farm in Binsted.
It's the most picturesque, very English village.

My American customers used to love coming to my hideaway studio.

The Walk

It takes you through beautiful woodland.

When the bluebells were out it was magical.

I always wondered why the pond along the way was called The Madonna Pond.
Now I know why.

Heres the map, although on that day we wandered around
 a bit in the woods finding new paths.

If you're interested to see more of our country
 walks we usually post them on our FB page.

Well, I say we...Elsa still hasn't got to grips with it.
I think it's the keyboard she finds hard.


In our Arundel warehouse/ showroom, our collection consists of
English & French antique furniture.

1940's lights from Cranleigh Aerodrome

details of all our collection can be found on 
But it's not all we do.

We source down at heel antique and vintage furniture,
 pots, boxes, bowls, and give them a new lease of  life.

Thankfully, we have a studio at our home in Arundel.

It sits snugly at the end of the garden, down by the River Arun.

We have been able to work on pieces while the shop is closed.

Me, listening to audible books while I paint.

English Victorian Bamboo
English Victorian bamboo.

Elsa feels she can help sell our products.
(That was an old battered tool box that was on it's way to the tip)

This also was destined for the rubbish heap.

This chest of drawers was battered.

It scrubbed up rather well.

We paint.
Decoupage using 19th-century images.
Then finish off with an aging wax.
Buff it to a sheen.

English Victorian bamboo is one of our specialties.

The bamboo starts off something like this.
Made in England circa 1880, these little tables have done well to survive.

this cabinet started like this...

and ended up like this

Vintage enamel pots like this

enamel buckets that arrive like this......

Suffice it to say, we enjoy what we do.

We had been working on the look for 18 years.

It's a look that eventually got us noticed by Liberty London.

Imagine that?
Goes to show.
Anything is possible.

Behind the Co-op and chip shop, down an alley, in an old warehouse.

Working on pieces in our studio and finishing them in the kitchen in our little cottage

to one of the most prestigious shops in the world.

When they phoned in 2016 I thought it was a friend playing a joke.
But we ended taking over the 4th floor of the store for 18 months.

You can see more of what
 we do in Reclaim Magazine,
 out on the 20th of this month.

and our 

web address with all links

And wherever you are, 
however you are coping
Stay Safe