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Monday, 10 February 2020

Arundel Countryside Walks, Antiques and Upcycling.

Arundel must surely be one of the most stunning towns on the south coast of England.



Opposite the Priory on London Road are the most beautiful allotments I have ever seen.

We are lucky enough to live and work in the town.

Every morning Elsa and I do a different walk...

Each walk a bonus as we nearly lost her when she was 8 months old.
A grass seed went into her leg...and migrated to her spine.

Here's one of our favourite rambles.
One of the most picturesque, too.

You can get onto the river bank at the far end of the Black Rabbit car park.

The path meanders along the riverside until you reach South Stoke.

 You walk until you reach the second bridge.

no not this bridge Elsa

The countryside will take your breathe away.

The village of South Stoke.

this is the bridge we want.

Looking across from North Stoke to South Stoke

This little bridge was built by a Ghurka Regiment.,_West_Sussex

The path is muddy at the moment.
There is a spot where I took a second too long to work out my route through the quagmire.

My feet disappeared up to my ankles.

Stunning hey?
If you want to find out more about the route
they have walking maps in Arundel Museum in Mill Road.

We might see you.


So who are we?

Nass, my husband, and I have a large warehouse in Arundel
It's filled with English and French decorative antique furniture.

The warehouse was once part of the 18th century Swallow Brewery.

Here's more about us.

And where are we?

Hidden behind Arundel Co-op.
Just 5 minutes' walk from Arundel High Street.
Well, only 2 if you're a fast walker.

Walk down to the bridge
and along the alley next to William Hill then turn left.

Take a sharp left.

You will find us, Arundel Eccentrics, in the last warehouse along.

Here's what we have in store at the moment!/dealer=arundel-eccentrics

and this is what I do in our Arundel studio by the river at the end of our garden.


You will find more on that here..........

Open 11-4 daily.

Other times just contact us.